Aug. 25th, 2007

purple_alicorn: (Ironman7)
Title: Honesty
Author: purple_alicorn
Rating: FR13
Warnings: SPOLIERS
Word Count: 334
Author’s notes: SPOLIERS for end of the series, anime continuity.”Light )
purple_alicorn: (Olympic Mascots)
* Am tired because I stayed up to 2am reading The Virtu by Sarah Monette. Decided I definately like her writings and her narrators, but adore crazy Felix... (don't think I can capture him well enoguh to write him but maybe later on...)

* Ironman7 is going well and have started on smut week. Have discovered that for some reason I cannot write PWP's and plot insists on getting in the way of the Pron. Am mildly peeved about this.

* Of course on hearing said smut week decided that it would not be complete without Torchwood :>

* Am unsure of if to post said smut in lj. It will be going on my insanejournal (also purple_alicorn) and ironman7 site so may not. If I do decide to post it, it will be under a cut and READ THE WARNINGS.

* Having fun with said challenge though, and finding that I can, after all, write semi-decent short fic. Have been pleasantly surprised by this.

* Job hunting is blah. Have work to do at moment, so bills are getting paid, but not fun. Neither is the admission process.

* Went shopping today with mother for clothes. Turned out surprisingly well and managed to get a lot of pants fairly cheaply.

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