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Title: Fuel
Author: purple_alicorn
Rating: FR13
Warnings: Movie based, possible spoilers
Word Count: 290
Author's Notes: Energon is never really used in the movie, but I wondered about the differences between running on it and our fuel.

Living on earth meant many adjustments for the Autobots. While their long search for the All-Spark had brought them to many different planets, and therefore into contact with many different life forms and cultures, there had always been the knowledge that their stay was only temporary, until the All-spark was found.

But now the All-spark had been found, and furthermore destroyed. No-longer would their search continue. While it was agreed that it was better for it to be destroyed than used by Megatron, there was still a sense of loss, and also of homesickness.

For Cybertron could never be restored to it’ former glory and status without the All-spark. Home and all it’s comforts would no longer be there. It was strange that sometimes it was the small things that brought the sense of loss back more than the large.

Fuel was a prime example. The main source of fuel on Cybertron was Energon. It was a highly compressed energy source that had no real equivalent on earth, as the main ingredients were not found naturally there. Luckily, due to good design, Autobots could also be powered by other fuel sources, especially the ones favoured by their alternate forms, although it was not as efficient.

None of the Autobots really enjoyed being fueled by the fossilised remnants of organic creatures. While they had used similar substances, in the past it had always been wholly manufactured. While Ratchet had said that chemically the two versions were identical, the others swore they could tell the difference. Eventually, they would get used to it, but until then it was a sharp reminder to the differences between them and the inhabitants of the planet that, hopefully, could become a new home for them.
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