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Title: Powers
Author: purple_alicorn
Rating: FR15
Warnings: crack
Word Count: 425
Author's Notes: Set in no particular continuity, but influenced by the comics and movies. I couldn’t resist – please don’t kill me!

Dear Moria, thank you for agreeing to look after this girl at Muir Island. I am enclosing my cases notes of what we have discovered about her mutation so far

Excerpts from the Files Notes of Charles Xavier

… In order to confirm my previous observations I asked Cyclops and Wolverine to visit the female with me….

…After his solo visit, Scott wished to know why I was keeping his long lost twin sister in the isolation cells. When asked to describe her and her powers, he stated that she had golden hair and ruby eyes due to the fact that, like him, she can also shoot optic blasts from her eyes. She was adopted by a loving family after the plane crash, but suffered from amnesia about her previous life. When she saw Scott on TV, her memories came back and she was determined to find him…

…Logan demanded to know why I had his daughter locked up, as I knew that feral type mutant’s didn’t handle imprisonment well. Like Logan, she is short, but her build is more petite, and she has inherited his mutations of healing and the bone claws. Her eyes are sapphire blue and her long hair is midnight black. Apparently, her mother died of a broken heart after Logan never came back and she was sent to live with abusive relatives. She ran away to live on the streets, and discovered her mutation when forced to defend herself against rapists…

…Their joint visit resulted in both Logan and Scott being shellshocked. It seemed that the Weapon X program had used genetic material from both of them to make her, and then forcibly grew her to maturity. While she had Logan’s claws and self-healing, she can also use the claws to channel Scott’s optic beams. Physically she is still rather petite, with gold streaks in her midnight hair and amethyst eyes. She escaped when we destroyed their base, and has been trying to make her way in the world ever since…

…When the shielding that suppresses all mutant powers was activated, they saw the same girl I did. She appears to be about 14, and totally average in looks, height and weight. Her hair is brown, so are her eyes and her skin tone is normal…

…From investigation I am unsure of her mutation but believe to have elements of telepathy, empathy, shape shifting and power duplication. I have not been able to discover any more about her true life, other than her first name which appears to be Mary-Sue…

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