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Title: Little fishes
Author: purple_alicorn
Rating: FR13
Warnings: Crossover, crack
Word Count: 455
Author's Notes I have to admit, I only know about these from reading the odd comic/manga or two, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. This came about from the question “Why is Kaito afraid of fish?” and an image I remembered of Delirium surrounded by them (and yes, her manner of speaking is capitalized strangely on purpose) .

When Kuroba Kaito was about eight he came down with one of those childhood illnesses which most children suffer from sooner or later. Unfortunately, this one was a bit more severe than most, and caused him to suffer from a high fever, one that caused hallucinations or, more accurately, Delirium.

“I tHinK tHis Boy cAn seE uS. CAn you sEE uS?”

As the fog that surrounded him cleared for a moment Kaito looked at up hearing the strange voice, and saw an even stranger girl. At least he thought she was a girl. Everything about her seemed to be constantly in motion, her height, weight, age, skin tone, hair colour. Everything that was, except her eyes: one was an emerald green with moving sliver flecks, the other a blue that reminded him of the lines under his skin. Surrounding her seemed to be a number of fish. He spoke up. “Who are you?”

“oH yeS He cAn See uS. Do yoU LiKE mY fishiES?”

Kaito looked at the fish. They certainly were very colourful. “They seem to be very bright.” As he was feeling slightly hot he added, fatefully as it turned out. “Living in water must be very cool and soothing.”

“i’M so GLad yOu liKe tHeM. I DOn’t kNOw hoW cOld TheY aRe. wHy DoN’T yoU tRY iT ANd tELl ME?”

As the girl spoke Kaito felt his body contort in a manner that he knew he never could describe. Before, he was a boy; afterwards he was a blue fish the colour of her eye, yet somewhere in that fishie brain of his was still the essence of Kaito. After he became a fish, the girl seemed to loose interest in him and opened up a portal to a place that seemed to a swirling mass of ever changing sensations. Just looking at it Kaito-fishie felt his sanity start to slip.

Just before she entered the portal, out of nowhere, appeared a German Shephard.
“oH BArnAbas tHERe yoU Are. lOok wHat i fOuND. I wAnt tO TAke hIm hOME” The Girl cupped Kaito-fishie in her hands and showed him off.

The dog spoke. “He doesn’t belong to you. Turn him back and lets go.”

The girl pouted, but turned Kaito-fishie back into human, before exiting, with the dog and the other fish, through the portal.

Soon after Kaito’s fever broke, and with it the hallucinations. He would have written the whole experience off as an extremely vivid dream, except for the fact that firstly, the colour of his eyes had lightened from a dark blue to the same shade as the girl’s and secondly, the next time he went to the aquarium he swore he could understand what the fish were saying.
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