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Title: Happily ever after.
Author: purple_alicorn
Rating: FR21
Warnings: kink (furry/bestiality kinda),
Word Count: 243
Author's Notes: What happens after the fairytale. According to IMDB Adam is the real name of the Beast.

It wasn’t until all the action was over (including the marriage and associated coronation) that Belle really got to know her husband. While she had known, and fallen in love, with him as the Beast, she had to get to know him as Adam.

While for her husband’s, and the other residents of the castle’s, sake Belle never regretted that she turned them back from their transformed state, sometimes she missed the physical form of the beast.

Adam was a perfect, handsome specimen of Manhood (much better than that oaf Gaston), but he wasn’t whom she had originally fallen in love with. She had liked the feel of the Beast’s soft fur, the way he loomed, his little horns and the upward turn of his tusks. When she danced with Adam, she couldn’t help but remember the restrained power of the Beast in the same dance.

And while Adam was gentle and careful when they were in bed, she only received true pleasure when imaging the Beast performing the same task. When Adam gently kissed her, she wanted the experience of tusks and a long mobile tongue, when his hands caressed her breasts, she wondered how hard pads, claws and fur would have felt, and when he pushed her to the bed entered her she couldn’t help but imagine how much more fulfilled she would have been if the Beast had been the one holding her down and piercing her to her core.

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