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Title: Oath
Author: purple_alicorn
Rating: FR21
Warnings: spoilers, kink (BDSM),
Word Count: 820
Author's Notes: This started out as simple plot bunny of “what if Albert chose a different path to regain his family’s honor?” and turned into this monster. Note: It’s been a while since I watched the dvd’s so if my timeline’s slightly off I’m sorry.

When the Vicomte Albert de Morcerf heard the truth about his father and his history, his first instinct was to lay all the blame on the so-called Count de Monte Cristo, and challenge him to a duel to regain the honor of the ancient Morcerf family.

Then he remembered, the Morcref name was one that had been purchased by his father, through the sale of Haydée. His life had been built upon a lie financed thought the slavery and imprisonment of innocents. He then knew what he had to do. Taking hold of all his courage he went to the residence of The Count and petitioned for admittance

“Let me see if I understand you correctly Vicomte Morcerf.”
“No, I have no right to that title or name. If you cannot call me by my first name, please use Mondego, that is my true name.”
“Monsieur Mondego then. You are apologising to both myself and Haydée for the actions taken by your father, and will undertake whatever actions I deem suitable in recompense?”
“As long as they do not break the law or hurt anyone innocent in this matter, yes.”

Looking down at the boy, the Count thought for a long moment, before replying.
“If you are serious about this restitution, you will swear to serve me, without question or any compensation, for as long as I deem fit.”

Albert took a deep breath, and let it out slowly.
“I, Albert Mondego, also known as Albert Morcerf, do solemnly swear that I will serve the man known as the Count de Monte Cristo in whatever manner he chooses without question or compensation, for as long as he deems fit.”

After the oath was sworn, the first order of the Count was for him to remove his fine clothing, then to remain kneeling. Holding fast to his oath, he did so, and was left naked in the room, on display to the world, while the Count’s household went about their business.

Presently, the Count returned, bearing a collar with a chain and manacles. The Count placed the restraints on him, in addition to a hitherto unforeseen blindfold and gag. Then, tugging roughly on the chain, the Count led him out of the room and into what he suspected was a carriage, judging by the sounds and smell of horses and the movement he felt.

He did not know how long they travelled for, the disorientation of being unable to see confusing his sense of time. When they arrived at the destination, he was guided to a room, and instructed to kneel, before the count left him there, blind, bound and helpless.

Time seemed to move slowly in this state as the only person he had any interaction with was the Count, and he found himself living for those few moments when the Count would pay attention to him. He learned to sense his presence, to be alert to his every movement, strain to hear every word, drink in his scent, obey every order and eagerly await any touch, be it good or bad. While initially he was kept bound, blindfolded and gagged, slowly these artificial restraints were removed, and he remained compliant solely due to his obedience to the Count’s commands.

Soon the Count was asking him to perform acts of pleasure which would have horrified Albert Morcref, but which this new person did without demure, obedient to the Count’s orders. When he saw the satisfaction his acts of submission brought to the Count, he felt pride and a corresponding sense of pleasure. He was totally devoted to the Count, and found serenity and contentment in obeying the Count’s every wish.

He was then reintroduced into the household of the Count as merely ‘la petite’. He was instructed to treat Haydée’s commands with equal attention as the Count’s, as she was his Countess, and learnt to also give her pleasure. La petite knew his place in the household and was happy to serve as the Count and Countess, and only they, ordered.

He was proud to show off his ability to obey orders, especially in front of others not of the household. While part of la petite recognised these people and understood their cries of “Albert, No!”, he ignored this part and concentrated on his role in life, a role of submission to the Count, an action which was rewarded.

When the Count de Monte-Cristo, formerly one Edmond Dantès, looked down at the boy kneeling in front of him, perfectly obedient to his every whim, he felt that he had achieved everything he had set out to do and had everything his heart could desire. He had his beautiful and accomplished Haydée as his wife; Danglers, Villefort and Mondego were ruined; and the faithless Mercedes punished by seeing her son enthralled to him. In addition he had gained an unforeseen treasure into the bargain, his arresting, submissive, devoted la petite.
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