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Title: It’s the end of the world
Author: purple_alicorn
Rating: FR21
Warnings: kink (breathplay), dubious consent, dark
Word Count: 255
Author's Notes: semi spoilers for movie. It’s not really a warning that Shinji’s thought processes are kinda off, as he seems that way for most of the series.

As Shinji looked up at the sky above him, and the red sea that surrounded him he thought it was absurd that the only thing he could think of was that old song “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)”.

As he turned his head he saw Asuka lying bandaged on the beach. She looked just like Rei when he first saw her, lying in that hospital bed, which in turn lead to thoughts of Asuka in the hospital bed, which lead to the thought of naked Asuka. This thought had an immediate effect on his body.

He saw her starting to stir, and thought, in the detached way he was thinking everything, that she was a lot more attractive when she was silent. Thought lead to action, and without any conscious decision he was making sure that she was staying silent by the simple expedient of cutting off her air supply.

Performing this action just made him harder, so he held on for a little longer, just long enough that she wouldn’t suffer any permanent damage, before he let go. When she attempted to speak, he cut her air off again, and felt his erection press painfully against the front of his plug suit. He let go (both of her neck and any form of control over his orgasm) when he felt Asuka’s body slump in surrender.

After all, if they were the only survivors left on earth, he didn’t want to destroy his playtoy too quickly.
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